As consumers rely more on wireless communication, the demand for transfer of larger files calls for additional equipment to be installed. Most existing towers do not have enough reserve capacity to support such equipment. Our patented technology using PileMedic allows for fast strengthening of
these towers with little increase in the footprint of the structure.

Similarly, steel light poles collect rain and moisture inside that leads to corrosion at the base and collapse of these structures. The base of these poles can be strengthened while they remain in service.



Repair of Utility Poles in Service

Corrosion-damaged steel poles and columns in industrial facilities can be repaired in a few hours while the facility remains fully operational. The retrofit can be designed to enhance both axial and flexural capacity of the pole or column. The carbon or glass PileMedic laminates will prevent the corrosion of the host structure, offering a long maintenance-free service life.

Weak or Damaged Utility Poles

Years of weather, sun and bugs cause deterioration and weakening of utility poles, resulting in breakage of these poles during storms. Moreover, installation of new & heavier antennas require strengthening of these poles. At PileMedic™ we have developed patent-pending techniques that allow us to repair these poles in place while they remain fully charged. This offers great advantage to customers of utility companies that will not experience any disruption in service during the repair.